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The Topic No One Likes

| September 05, 2018
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September is "Life Insurance Awareness Month", and it's a great time to discuss this important planning topic. It's the subject no one really likes to talk about.

 If you have had a bad experience with an insurance company, your reaction to the discussion is probably negative. Please step back, rethink, make a conscience decision to have an open mind, and join the discussion.  Those who depend on you will appreciate it.

 If you have been the beneficiary of thoughtful life insurance planning, you are likely an enthusiastic spokesperson for life insurance.

 Here are five observations collected from our years of experience here at Chestnut Street Advisors that you might find helpful. They are presented here in no particular order.


1) Most people need life insurance.  Even if it’s sole use is to pay off debt and funeral expenses, you need coverage.  You should leave the world as you came into it, owing money to no one.

 2) You buy life insurance because you love someone.  Life insurance doesn’t replace you, it replaces your income.  It eliminates the financial burden your passing may create for others.

 3) You probably need more coverage than you think.  Don’t just pick a number.  Consult with a good planner and have a professional review of your life insurance needs.  Buy what you need.

 4) Group insurance is a poor choice.  The coverage lasts as long as your job lasts.  Don’t own someone else’s life insurance, own your own.

 5) The para-medical exam is worth the effort.  If your application requires a medical exam, trust me, it’s not that big of a deal.  The examiner will come to you.  A good exam could mean the cheapest rate possible.


During September we are offering free life insurance policy reviews and coverage analysis. There’s no obligation, and you have peace of mind to gain.  Owning the right kind of life insurance in the proper amount, with policy ownership and beneficiary designations in order, is a huge step toward financial freedom.




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