Goals-Based Planning and Investing


Chestnut Street’s approach is rooted in our conviction that goals-based financial life planning and investment management is the foundation for successful outcomes that may allow our clients to reach their most important financial needs and objectives.

Our advisors offer insights and actionable strategies through a comprehensive tool set of planning, education, research and investment resources. These resources and our experience allow us to craft strategies to help meet our clients’ stated goals and objectives throughout the Gain, Preserve and Spend stages of their investment journey.

Across the investment journey, these three stages demand different investment, risk mitigation and spending strategies.

In the Gain Stage you focus on growing your wealth, so it can support and enhance your most important life goals.

In the Preserve Stage you focus on guarding your wealth against the catastrophic losses that could derail your plan and jeopardize your financial comfort and peace of mind.

In the Spend Stage you try to ensure that the wealth you have worked so hard to build is there for you to meet your needs, and fund your dreams, during what we hope is a lengthy and active retirement.

By helping you identify the most important and meaningful financial goals in your life, you can position your savings and investment capital to aim for those specific objectives, on time and in line with your personal risk tolerance. Careful attention to important issues like life insurance, estate planning and income taxes means you can be assured that all areas of planning are addressed.